Authentic Mexican Cuisine

In Sol Azteca we offer truly authentic Mexican food cooked with the highest quality.

Our team of cooks, original from our country, follow the rules of this traditional cuisine, and all plates are made ‘as they would be in the country of the rancheros’. Tacos, nachos with melted cheese, fajitas, enchiladas, dish based on ‘mole’ sauce and many other typical dishes served with frijoles and many sauces, are the courses we offer in our restaurant in Valencia.

At Sol Azteca Restaurant, located on Calle Pintor Maella 17 in Valencia, we can also make banquets for birthdays, anniversaries, business dinners … and festivals with live entertainment thanks to our comfortable facilities and high capacity.

If you are from Mexico, you can celebrate with your family the Day of the Deads or the Independence, and if you’re not you can join us and share our culture while enjoying our dishes made on the moment.

If you want more information, please contact us and book table.

We will be happy to transport you to our famous country through its flavors!